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This toolbar is dedicated to EUnetHTA users. It provides shortcuts to EUnetHTA tools and communication tools.
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EUnetHTA Public Website

EUnetHTA Adaptation glossary

HTAi vortal

EUnetHTA News aggregator

HTA glossary

EUnetHTA Members-Only site

EUnetHTA meta repository

EUnetHTA Adaptation glossary (prototype)

EUnetHTA Database on additional evidence

EUnetHTA Meta OAI repository (prototype)

EUnetHTA News aggregator

HTA Core model

Planned and Ongoing Projects

Contact database

MO Calendar

MO News


EUnetHTA toolbar

e-meetings facility

JA WP1 - Coordination

JA WP2 - Dissemination

JA WP3 - Evaluation

JA WP4 - Core HTA

JA WP5 - Relative Effectiveness Assessment of Pharmaceuticals

JA WP6 - Information Management System

JA WP7 - New Technologies

JA WP8 - Strategy and Business Model Development

Plenary Assembly

Joint Action 2 Task force

POP administrators


About Workrooms

Test Workroom

MO Library

HTA Database

HTA Glossary

HTAi vortal

EuroScan - International Information Network on New and Emerging Health Technologies

HEN - Health Evidence Network Structured search

MeSH database

HON select

Time and Date

EUnetHTA public site

EUnetHTA Members-only site

Directorate General for 'Health and Consumers' slide

EUREGIO II - WP5 Usage of generic HTA in cross-border cooperation

EUnetHTA Public site News

EUnetHTA Partners news

EuroScan - Recently Added Health Technologies

INAHTA - Publications (throught

World Clock

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